WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY YEAR JOSEP ALORDA 2021 SYNOPSIS Santa Eugenia is a small abandoned village in the Pla de Mallorca. Sebastiana lives there: a 90-year-old woman suffering from senile dementia. The disease and its consequences make the protagonist and her family suffer. Sebastiana is the last of her generation, she feels terribly lonely and, […]


CO PRODUCTION CLIENT YEAR DOCME FILMS – BORN FILMS FICAE 2019 DESCRIPTION Empowering is how we could summarize this great work, the FICAE nómada festival deals with some of the most common taboo subjects, illness and death. Rarely projects of this kind are presented, projects that make you grow as a professional and as a […]


CO PRODUCTION CLIENT YEAR DOCME FILMS – BORN FILMS INeDITHOS 2019 DESCRIPTION Documentary work made together with Docme Films for the association INeDITHOS and the Office of Development Cooperation and Solidarity of the UIB to publicize their work and encourage the university world to participate in volunteer programs. CREDITS EXC. PRODUCER PRODUCER AP AP CAM […]